Art...How Do You Know Art?


We met art a few years ago back in design school. Now we see him every day. To be honest, the art is the most important part of any promotional product order so we spend a lot of time with him. But importantly, our graphics team will do our best to make sure your art is a Picasso... or an Andy Warhol.

First you need to get us your art or idea. You can upload art files when customizing your product, or you can email files by responding to your order confirmation email. If we don’t receive anything don’t worry, your customer service rep. will reach out to help.    

If you don’t have artwork prepared or need a logo modified, we are there for you on that front too. Just give us an idea of what you are thinking and our creative team can take it from there. At the end of the day, we want to make sure you end up with exactly what you want.

What About Any Special Instructions?

There is a box for special instructions on each product’s order configuration page. Feel free to give us any information you think we need. Remember, artwork preparation is FREE and you’ll receive an e-mail mockup for your approval – FREE – before your order goes into production!

What artwork formats do you accept for my order?

We can accept anything: Just send us what you have and we’ll work with you on the rest. Remember, your artwork will be handled personally by a member of our creative team.

In printing, vector art is always the best. Vector art allows us to enlarge or shirk your design without losing any resolution. Below are some of the most common file types:

  • Adobe Acrobat (.pdf)
    • Suggested preparation: Embed the fonts used or export as generic .eps
  • Adobe Illustrator (.ai, .eps)
    • Suggested preparation: Convert text to outlines, embed any linked images and save as version 10 or lower
  • Corel Draw (.cdr)
    • Suggested preparation: Convert text to curves
  • Microsoft Office Files (.doc, .ppt, .pub)
    • Embed or include fonts

If the type of file you have doesn’t appear on this list, just send what you have and we’ll do our very best to make it work.